ELV8 is a technology focused business consulting company, specializing in gaming and mobile high-availability, large-scale products.

The ELV8 value

Focus on business
We think and believe business first. For us, product and technology are tools to get business results. And we make sure to put this priority as #1 on our list for every customer, every day!

Plan long-term / Execute short-term
We understand companies must have long-term vision which we help to realize, plan and communicate to the team. Still, we won’t stop with long-term plans, we will make sure to execute and deliver these with your team so words will become actions.

Technology is our Language
We have strong tech background, which means that we speak with developers the same language. We understand your tech teams needs and requirements and help them to achieve the business goals in a clear and actionable way.

Looking at the complete picture
We analyze the complete process of product delivery from marketing and sales until customer supports and operations. This approach allows us to solve and optimize your organization in a complete way and not just domain by domain.

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